Stylecraft Life Vintage Look & Life DK Pattern 9461 - Cardigan & Sweater


Stylecraft Life Vintage Look  & Life DK Pattern 9461 

Cardigan & Sweater

Stylecraft Life DK & Stylecraft Life DK Vintage Look incorporates all the features of the Life family of yarns. Vintage Look takes its influence from a key trend called 'The Humble Labourer' and is Stylecraft's latest addition to the Life family of yarns. The simplicity of a neutral marl yarn blends with rich colours and the Vintage Look colour palette matches perfectly in with the Life DK solid colour shades. Pattern shapes for both men and women are relaxed and unstructured, with the emphasis on layering.







Sweater -  life vintage volcano 2134










Cardigan - Shade A life vintage dk  -forest 2131
4 5 5 6 6
Cardigan - Shade B life dk  - olive 2302
1 1 1 1 1

Alternative Yarns:  Amounts may vary: Stylecraft Life DK, Stylecraft Special DK, Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed  & Alpaca DK, Batik & Batik Elements

Needle size: 3¼mm, 4mm, 4½mm, 3¼mm circular

Additional Requirements: cable needle, 4 stitch holders, stitch markers, 12 buttons

Tip: Make a note of the leaflet number and the number of balls for your size before going to the yarn page to view colours

Please Note: It is essential to work to the stated tension to achieve the correct size of the garment.

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