Sirdar Cotton 4 Ply Crochet Pattern 7745 - Shawl & Hearts


Sirdar Cotton 4 Ply Crochet Pattern 7745 - Shawl & Hearts

This beautiful yarn comes in a range of glorious shades, combining both classic and fashion colours. The mercerised sheen of Sirdar Cotton 4 Ply means that it is an incredibly smooth yarn, creating the neatest and clearest of stitches in both knit and crochet

Shawl  size 150x70cm approx
Shade 534


A - Shade 511, 534, 536, 511, 502 or 534
B - Shade 502, 536, 502, 534, 504 or 520


Alternative Yarns:  Amounts may vary:

Hook size: 3½mm.

Additional Requirements:  14 cm of ribbon for each heart

Tip: Make a note of the leaflet number and the number of balls for your size before going to the yarn page to view colours

Please Note: It is essential to work to the stated tension to achieve the correct size of garment.

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