Scheepjes Softfun Minis Colour Pack


Scheepjes Softfun Minis Colour Pack

The Scheepjes Softfun Minis Colour Packs each contain 12 adorable 20g 'Cutie Pie' balls in a colour palette of carefully selected Softfun colours! With just one Softfun Minis Colour Pack, easily create smaller colourful or Fair Isle projects or combine several Colour Packs to create a Granny Square blanket exploding with colour!

The Softfun Minis Colour Packs are available in 5 colour combinations: Pastel, Jewel, Rich, Cloud, and Rainbow.


Machine Washable: 30 degrees

Blend: 60% Cotton 40% Acrylic

Weight: 20g x 12

Meterage: 56m x 12

Needle Size: 3.5mm - 4mm

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