King Cole Wildwood Chunky Pattern 5889 - Wrap, Scarf, Handwarmers & Hat



 King Cole Wildwood Chunky Pattern 5889

Wrap, Scarf, Handwarmers & Hat

This gorgeous 100% recycled wool yarn comes in a wide selection of beautiful shades. An eco-friendly choice, this is the latest addition to King Cole’s sustainable yarns. The pattern support for Wildwood Chunky lends itself to adult garments, accessories, and homeware. Please bear in mind as this is a recycled yarn the recommended tension is one stitch more and one row more than standard chunky yarns.

Wrap - shade ice 5023
Shade A - ice 5023
Shade B - autumnal 5028
Shade C - shade stone 5021
Hand Warmers - shade ice 5023
Hat - shade stone 5021

Alternative Yarns:  Amounts may vary:

Needle/Hook size: 6mm for Wrap, Scarf and Hat. 5.5mm for Hand Warmers and Hat.

Additional Requirements:  

Tip: Make a note of the leaflet number and the number of balls for your size before going to the yarn page to view colours

Please Note: It is essential to work to the stated tension to achieve the correct size of the garment.

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