Hand-stitched Landscapes & Flowers Book by Katrina Witten


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Hand-stitched Landscapes & Flowers Book

by Katrina Witten

10 charming embroidery projects with templates

Hand-stitched Landscapes and Flowers is a beautiful exploration of the potential of embroidery in depicting the natural world.

Katrina Witten uses no more than six simple stitches for each embroidery, plus delicate embellishments and an array of techniques and fabrics to portray pastoral scenes of fields, flowers and creatures with eye-catching three-dimensional effects. 

There are ten detailed projects to try, depicting, among others, a hedgerow, a bluebell-emblazoned woodland, sunflowers, a poppy field and a summer scene of buddleia, butterflies and bees.  The results are stunning with all the embellishments you can use as well. The explanations are simple and easy to understand and you only use 6 simple stitches. The illustrations are plentiful and give you the inspiration you need as you have a perfect idea of what the finished result will look like.

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