3D Granny Squares Book


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3D Granny Squares Book

by Celine Semaan & Sharna Moore 

The humble granny square gets a fresh new look in this collection of 100 3D granny square crochet patterns. Choose your favourite from 100 different designs including flowers, animals, food and drink, and motifs; whether it's a fragrant rose, a cherry pie or a jellyfish. Each motif features a 3D element that is integral to the granny square design. There are also ten bright and beautiful projects showing you how to use the squares to make unique gifts for friends and family including an animal themed baby blanket; a fruity cushion and a decorative garland.

With 100 patterns for "pop-up" granny squares, this new title is packed with inspiration and is ideal for putting together a really personal design. The quirky 3D patterns can't fail to bring a smile to your face, ranging from a lattice top pie to a popcorn stitch sheep and bold sunflower. The designs are arranged into sections including Food & Drink, Animal Magic, Holidays and Motifs, and there are also ten patterns for larger pieces you can make from the squares such as Violet Wrist Warmers or the juicy looking Pineapple Cushion! This will have you engrossed for hours planning out your perfect 3D project.

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