100 Micro Crochet Motifs Book by Steffi Glaves


100 Micro Crochet Motifs Book

by Steffi Glaves

Patterns and Charts for tiny crochet creations

Explore the world of micro crochet with this collection of crochet patterns and charts for 100 exquisite crochet motifs

100 Micro Crochet Motifs is guaranteed to WOW. A collection of teeny, tiny crochet motifs from talented crochet designer, Steffi Glaves. These wonderfully small motifs are beautifully detailed despite their small size and can be used for jewellery, decorations and embellishment.

Tiny objects are fascinating; from dollhouse miniatures to model railways, to jewellery charms and tiny food, anything that can shrink to fit in the palm of your hand can instantly become precious with new possibilities for different applications and this includes crochet. The classic granny square is transformed into something special when it's reduced to the size of a postage stamp.

Step-by-step instructions show you how to crochet intricately detailed motifs using fine cotton quilting thread and a 0.5mm crochet hook. Choose from a wide range of motifs including flowers; leaves & plants; fruit; triangles, granny squares, Christmas and even mini amigurumi.

As well as the huge choice of motifs there are 10 projects showing you how to use the motifs for small projects such as jewellery and accessories; as well as how to scale up the designs using thicker yarn and a bigger hook to make projects such as bags, bunting, accessories, wall hangings and cards.

Includes instructions for all the necessary crochet techniques and stitches, as well as specific advice for working at such as small scale. Also includes techniques for using jewellery findings and other tools to create the projects.

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